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Started by sakura698 Dec 10th, 2019 at 21:12
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Dec 10th, 2019 at 21:12
TORONTO - Once Toller Cranston left the ice behind, he focused his restless creative ingenuity on art — an all-consuming enterprise that he wryly referred to as his terrifying obsession. Yeezy 350 Clearance .The floridly innovative figure-skating great died at his home in Mexico on the weekend of an apparent heart attack at age 65.Even while marching to uncommon acclaim as a figure skater, he attended art school and conducted a career in art.Once he retired, Cranston funnelled all his boundless energy into painting. He painted with such prolific intensity that his output is now most often characterized by its staggering volume.Terrifying Obsession was the name Cranston suggested for an exhibition of his work, which was being prepped for a cross-Canadian museum tour prior to his death, according to longtime agent Christopher Talbot.And Cranston, always at odds with the figure-skating establishment, would have derived great validation from finally being accepted by arts old guard.I think his fondest wish would have been to have a show at a real, proper establishment art gallery, said Canadian fashion pillar Jeanne Beker, one of Cranstons closest friends, in a telephone interview from Paris on Wednesday.That was his dream: to have something at the Art Gallery of Ontario or somewhere, some retrospective, something. He felt he deserved to be there.He always felt that the world saw him as a skater first and an artist second. And it really drove him crazy.Talbot, who sometimes communicated with Cranston on a daily basis about his work, agreed.In his mind — and its maybe only in his mind — he never achieved the status he should have had as a figure skater. And he really wanted that as a visual artist, said Talbot, president and founder of Art Evolution Gallery, in a telephone interview from California.If Cranston never lived to see that recognition, it certainly wasnt for lack of effort.He retired from skating in 1997, more than a half-decade after his move to a sprawling compound in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. During the later stages of his skating career — and especially afterwards — Cranston was consumed by art.Friends recall an almost exclusionary drive. As Talbot tells it, Cranston was a fish out of water any time he was dragged from his work.Terrifying obsession really encapsulated Tollers role as an artist, Talbot said.He was just tenacious. He drove himself relentlessly. ... He couldnt stop.Cranstons Mexican home — or his little Shangri-La, as Beker calls it — became an overstuffed testament to his passion, even after he sold off a major part of his collection while still living in Toronto.A characteristically idiosyncratic sanctuary, Cranstons walled-in property was blanketed by a lush, professionally maintained garden. Inside, it was overgrown with artwork — by Cranston and by others, especially local Mexican artists whose work he acquired voraciously.Every square inch of his house, marvelled Talbot. If you look at a wall, you cant tell what colour it is because theres that much art on it.Beker recalls marvelling as Cranston bought works in an almost hedonistic fashion, collecting local artisans painted bowls and dishes and glass art, which hed hang from the ceiling.If he saw something he liked hed want to buy not one but 10 or 20, she recalled.I often felt that I was in the middle of a Toller Cranston painting when I was sitting there in his garden or one of his rooms. They would envelope you that way.In Cranstons estimation, his artistic style evolved little over a lifetime spent furiously creating — simply because it started off so clearly defined.As Cranston explains in an interview on the Art Evolution website, his colourful compositions grew from an interest in Eastern influences that he established at an unusually young age (specifically, he references Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Turkestan).The inclination, the subject matter, the concepts, the sense of colour, the people, the worlds, the imagery — miraculously — was in evidence when I was six years of age, Cranston said.Every painting (Ive done from) when I was six until now when Im 58, seems to come from that very same world.If nothing else, then, his work was distinctive. And his proponents argue that should count for something.No one was painting like that, said Michelle Kirkegaard, Canadian art adviser and owner of the Adele Campbell Gallery, a Whistler, B.C., space that has hosted exhibitions of Cranstons work. Anyone that has seen a painting, without seeing the signature, could say: Thats a Toller Cranston. And I think thats a sign of a very disciplined, mature and creative individual.The Cranston signature style had no shortage of devotees, people who spent thousands of dollars to acquire his work.Cranstons hunger for the validation of the art establishment, however, wouldnt be sated in his lifetime.In the echelons of the art world, the top level of which would be official recognition — he wasnt part of that world. He was loved by the people who collected his work, said celebrated Toronto artist Charles Pachter in a telephone interview Wednesday.Theres a certain type of people that fits the milieu of the official art museums, he added. Toller wasnt one of those people.He knew Cranston. The Canada Day they spent together and among friends in 1978 was immortalized in Pachters painting Six Figures in a Landscape.Pachter describes Cranstons work as kind of like Disney on acid — like the Wicked Queen from Snow White.He was outlandish, outrageous, creative, funny, droll, Pachter remembered. He was a character. He was a true original.More of Cranstons work is sure to emerge with the eventual excavation of his cluttered residence in Mexico.Even when he was alive, it wasnt easy to maintain a reliable record of his work.As soon as he put his signature on a painting, it was out of his life. It was like it didnt exist, explained Talbot.Hed paint some masterpiece, something fabulous, a $30,000 to $40,000 painting, and he wouldnt even know where the damn thing was. ... This is a six-foot-by-six-foot painting that you knocked yourself out on for two months and you dont even know where it is? The level of dysfunction was spectacular, but its just the kind of guy he was.Cranstons apparently unstoppable work ethic, his seclusion, and his habitual disorganization may have contributed to hyperbolic estimates of his artistic output.And that, his friends say, is in its own way fitting.I have seen inaccurate figures printed that he did over 70,000 works of art, said Pachter with a laugh.No artist could do that many. Maybe 7,000, but 70,000? Its ridiculous.It is an exaggeration, he added. But in many ways, Tollers whole life was an exaggeration.— Follow @CP_Patch on Twitter Yeezy 350 Wholesale .Y. - The New York Yankees made it official Saturday, announcing the completion of a seven-year deal with free-agent outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury and a one-year contract for returning starter Hiroki Kuroda. Yeezy 350 Store . There are some early surprises in the race for the Hart Trophy, but two of the contenders are the leagues biggest stars over the past decade. There are many more players in contention for the awards than just the three that Ive named, and a good or bad week can easily alter the landscape, but through the first 20 or so games of the NHL season, this is how the awards races look to me. . CSKA received the heavier punishment of playing its next European home game behind closed doors, after its supporters displayed racist and far-right symbols in the Czech Republic during a 2-1 loss to Viktoria Plzen on Dec.BRADENTON, Florida – J.A. Happs hold on a spot in the Blue Jays starting rotation is in question. The tall lefthanders sore back and poor performance this spring, combined with the emergence of Drew Hutchison and the sense that Marcus Stroman is almost ready to contribute to a successful major league club, has cast doubt on his role with the team. "I think were going to take the best team north," said general manager Alex Anthopoulos. "Especially right now, we have J.A. and the back, the performance, things like that, we have to get him on track, stay healthy. Obviously R.A., Mark and Brandon. Again, we expect J.A. to be in the rotation but at the same time, the backs flared up on him twice. I just dont know. Look, if guys perform well and they force our hand, well take the best team." Hutchison has stood out. Members of the Blue Jays brass caution against overvaluing spring training performance. However, it isnt just about results. Hows a pitchers "stuff?" Is he locating his pitches, especially his fastball? Hutchison was dominant in two innings against the Orioles last Saturday, striking out four. The parks radar gun had his four-seam fastball clocked at 94 miles per hour while Jays scouts say it hit 96 on three or four occasions. The command was there, too. "We saw that velocity at the end of his time in 2012 before he got hurt," said Anthopoulos. "When I went to the Arizona Fall League, it was so encouraging to see him pitch that way. He really started to come into his own in 2012 before he got hurt so Im not surprised. I think I said it before. Hes a guy I expected to really impress. Hes off to a great start, hes definitely opened some eyes, hes a strong candidate to make the rotation but hes got to make it. But I love what I see." The Jays are enamoured with the makeup of both Hutchison and Stroman. Coaches say both men have come to camp on a mission – to make the team – and say neither will be satisfied with simply being a major leaguer and collecting a healthy paycheck. Both are driven to be front end of the rotation pitchers. Both expect to be the ace of a big league staff. About Stroman, the general manager jokes hes never seen a guy chomping gum in the middle of his delivery. Stroman was scheduled to throw three innings in Bradenton on Thursday. Due to rain, the outing has been rescheduled for Friday. To use Anthopoulos words, its a "big day" for the 22-year-old. "Im saying it more tongue-in-cheek. Its not like the decision gets made tomorrow but I think every outing for him is important." "He has a chance. I dont know what the chances are, the percentages, but theres a reason hes getting stretched out, theres a reason were giving him the innings. We want to take a look. If he can impress and really come on, hes going to make it hard on us, which is what we want." Happ was scheduled to pitch on Saturday but has been pushed back in the wake of the rainout. Tests have revealed no structural damage in Happs back, the Blue Jays say, just inflammation. This isnt the first time Happs battled the problem in his career. Anthopoulos remains willing to consider external options to add to the roster. Hes in periodic touch with representatives of free agents and is open-minded to a deal if the prices drop. A trade between now and opening daay seems more likely and hell try to deal from a position of strength. Yeezy 350 Online. "We do have inventory in the bullpen and we talk about it daily but we know how quickly that inventory can vanish," said Anthopoulos. "Guys get hurt. I think as we get to the last 10 days of camp is when things will ramp up a little bit ... Id say the last 10 days of camp or so is when youre expecting guys to stay healthy and itll be interesting, especially with all the guys we have who are out of options." Innings limits for the kids? Some in the organization would prefer Hutchison and Stroman begin at Triple-A Buffalo, to the extent there is debate it is healthy, not confrontational. Given that jobs could be at stake this season, it behooves the front office and coaching staff to take the best team to St. Petersburg on March 31. If that team includes both Hutchison and Stroman and they stick for the season, Anthopoulos says their innings will not be monitored. "Someone said Marcus threw 126 innings and 25 in the Fall League, well he threw more than that because he was being stretched out as a starter last year in extended and no one has those innings," said Anthopoulos. "The year before he was around 160 or something. He has no restrictions at all. He was a pretty high number last year." "Drew, the same way," Anthopoulos continued. "I think Drew, I think Ive said this before, reminds me a lot of a similar scenario with Shaun Marcum. Marcum was more than a year removed from Tommy John. He had it in August the year before, didnt come up in September on the one-year anniversary date, came into spring training, pitched great, was our opening day starter and had a three and a half ERA and pitched 195 innings, I think. Drews got no restrictions. I think it would be the same type of thing. I could see him, if he makes this team, going wire to wire." On second base Anthopoulos continues to be effusive in his praise of Ryan Goins. "Defensively, the more you watch him, the more you realize how good he is defensively, just his actions, the way he moves," said Anthopoulos. "You know, the bat, thats something were going to watch in spring training. The tough part is, you realize its two at-bats a game, three at-bats a game, the competition level varies. I would say, again, the competition is still there. Were going to value the defence because its that good. He has room to do less offensively because the defence is so elite. I dont use that word lightly. I really think hes elite and hes got a chance to win a gold glove there." Chris Getz, Jonathan Diaz, Munenori Kawasaki and Steve Tolleson are on minor league deals and are getting looks. "Goins is the front-runner because of the defence that he showed but he still has to earn that job," said Anthopoulos. Jays rained out Thursday The Blue Jays and Pirates were rained out in Bradenton on Thursday, forcing manager John Gibbons to adjust his pitching lineup. Mark Buehrle, scheduled to start on Thursday, will instead start Fridays home game against the Rays. Marcus Stroman and Ricky Romero will also appear. Drew Hutchison will make the start, at home, on Saturday against Minnesota. R.A. Dickey will take his knuckleball to Kissimmee on Sunday for a date with the Astros. ' ' '
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