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and finished fourth ahead of teammate Kimi Raikkonen. Daniel Ricciardo

Started by sakura698 Feb 10th, 2020 at 21:58
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Feb 10th, 2020 at 21:58
The WWE is taking its brand into a new direction. Actually, two directions. On the first live Smackdown on Tuesday, the roster will be split in two, creating a new dynamic and extensive opportunities for superstars on the roster. Ahead of the draft on the Cheap Heat Podcast, Peter Rosenberg and Brian Campbell took part in a 10-round mock draft to offer a look at how the draft might go down.ROUND 1 (Pick No. 1 overall) - Seth Rollins (Campbell)Campbells take: Its a no-brainer. He was the only one in the company who is a no-brainer at No. 1. You couldnt make an argument against him because hes the most well-rounded superstar, right now, at the peak of his prime. I dont even think they have begun to find out how good he will be when he eventually turns babyface down the road.Rosenbergs take: Hes the [Randy] Savage of today. He can do every single thing that you need him to do.ROUND 1 (Pick No. 2) - Charlotte (Rosenberg)Rosenbergs take: Speaking from the perspective of my show, our strategy and the way that we approach the business, may not be the same as you. We know moving forward in the new era of WWE, I believe that in having Charlotte, not only do we get the prestigious womens title, we also have someone who you know can have good feuds with every other woman on the roster.Campbells take: Thats a reach.ROUND 2 (Pick No. 3) - A.J. Styles (Campbell)Campbells take: At this second, hes operating as the best worker in the company. He has proven he can be a heel on this level and on this platform. But as a babyface, hes also incredible. With Rollins and Styles, were going to have some serious five-star match potential down the road. And sell a lot of gloves and hats.ROUND 2 (Pick No. 4) - The New Day (Rosenberg)Rosenbergs take: Its thinking about what you get. Its thinking about a tag team, and thinking about who you get down the road in individual superstars as well.Campbells take: Ratings wise, you are getting someone who can carry a 15-20 minute comedic segment. And you get long-term Big-E breakout star potential as well.ROUND 3 (Pick No. 5) - Sasha Banks (Campbell)Campbells take: Shes deserving in this spot -- without question -- but this was a bit reactionary to Charlotte. I couldnt let you have both Charlotte and Sasha. They are starting to rewrite her as a babyface, but a nasty face who doesnt have friends and acts like a heel. She is going to carry the womens division to the next level.ROUND 3 (Pick No. 6) - Dean Ambrose (Rosenberg)Rosenbergs take: Im not a Dean guy but I watch what the fans want. This is a show of champions. We have the womens champion, we have the WWE world heavyweight champion.ROUND 4 (Pick No. 7) - Roman Reigns (Campbell)Campbells take: It was going to be interesting to me to see where he went. I could see him going as high as No. 2 or I could see him really slipping. He didnt necessarily fit perfectly into my show but the talent is too large to let him go. What we learned from his amazing two matches with A.J. Styles, there is no doubt about the work he can do on the highest level. We havent even tapped into what hes capable of character wise as a heel.ROUND 4 (Pick No. 8) - Kevin Owens (Rosenberg)Rosenbergs take: What is there to say? Hes arguably the most talented guy in the company. You want to talk about some feuds down the road? You want to talk about Big E and Kevin Owens? His matches are as good as anyone there is in the company.Campbells take: Im envious of that pick. In hindsight, I should have taken him over Reigns.ROUND 5 (Pick No. 9) - Shinsuke Nakamura (Campbell)Campbells take: The King of Strong Style! Were about the future and theres no one with a bigger future right now, and if were looking at anyone in NXT who can cross over to the main brand, you know that Nakamura, above all, has the charisma to do major things in this company. Hes a wild-card pick now. This was the right time to pick him.Rosenbergs take: How can you not like him? Theres no question about what that guy is capable of.ROUND 5 (Pick No. 10) - Brock Lesnar (Rosenberg)Rosenbergs take: Ill take Brock Lesnar however I can get him, knowing that hell likely be a part-timer. You want to see Brock Lesnar versus Kevin Owens down the road? I recognize its part-time Brock but theres a reason hes getting the opportunities that hes getting. Its not because he doesnt get eyeballs. You can call this one a risk but when he appears, its going to be a moment.ROUND 6 (Pick No. 11) - Bray Wyatt (Campbell)Campbells take: Hes making sense in his promos and hes as scary as ever. Right now, hes about to find out how good he can be. This is a steal for me. Bray Wyatt is going to do big things. He has tremendous babyface potential and hes going to be a chief protagonist against A.J. Styles down the road.ROUND 6 (Pick No. 12) - Enzo Amore and Big Cass (Rosenberg)Rosenbergs take: I get a great tag team to play along with The New Day and No. 2, we have no idea what the ceiling is for Enzo and Cass. The sky is the limit with Enzo. And then theres Cass. Hes 7-feet tall, and you cant teach that.ROUND 7 (Pick No. 13) - John Cena (Campbell)Campbells take: Cena couldve been selected much higher. My roster has some workers and a lot of future here, but you need to bring those eyeballs in and have somebody who is going to work that mic and cross over. The way that John Cena is going to compliment the guys of the future on my roster is incredible.Rosenbergs take: I considered Cena for every pick.ROUND 7 (Pick No. 14) - Rusev (Rosenberg)Rosenbergs take: I love this pick in this spot. I really believe that, week to week, the work this guy does is as good or better than anyone in the company. So much potential that hasnt been shown yet. And I get Lana, too.ROUND 8 (Pick No. 15) - Finn Balor (Campbell)Campbells take: Im a little worried about his size and whether his entrance will get over on the big stage. But with Finn and Styles in the same stable, were going to do some things.Rosenbergs take: It seems like Finns best time to get moved up from NXT may have already passed. There are still question marks around Finn but as far as his talent level, I love him as a pick.ROUND 8 (Pick No. 16) - Randy Orton (Rosenberg)Rosenbergs take: This is a guy who still has a few good years left. Lets not forget, in his most recent run or two, he has been the most over he has ever been. I love getting him at this point in his career. I think the final run for him is going to be really, really fun.Campbells take: When you add Orton into any situation, it adds a lot of name and star power.ROUND 9 (Pick No. 17) - The Miz (Campbell) Campbells take: Rosenberg forced my hand. I do need that comedic element. I need someone who can talk. And I need some Maryse on my show. I never thought one year ago that The Miz could be a top-10 pick but the guy is back.ROUND 9 (Pick No. 18) - Bayley (Rosenberg)Rosenbergs take: There are other women on the board that interest me, but this show is about the future. I would love to see what Bayley has. There are things about her gimmick that I still dont love, but theres something about her. The Little Engine That Could vibe that she puts out, I think theres potential for her to be a great babyface. I already have the best female heel woman in the company in Charlotte. I wanted to have a division that people could really get excited about.Campbells take: Of all the NXT stars who we question whether their gimmick in the 400-seat NXT arena can get over the same on the big stage, shes my No. 1 question. As much as she can work and you cheer for her involuntarily -- which is the essence of her character -- I still think theres a reason why she hasnt been called up yet.ROUND 10 (Pick No. 19) - American Alpha (Campbell)Campbells take: I put myself in a tough spot because Rosenberg jumped out there and grabbed the New Day and Enzo and Cass. Im taking a team that has extreme babyface potential and I do think their gimmick will get over.ROUND 10 (Pick No. 20) - Cesaro (Rosenberg)Rosenbergs take: You just want to add someone who can straight up work and has not reached his potential yet. Theres a lot on the roster for Cesaro to fit in.Analysis on the first 10 picksCampbell (Rollins, Styles, Banks, Reigns, Nakamura, Wyatt, Cena, Balor, The Miz and American Alpha): While coming away with a balanced roster is the goal of any draft, you ultimately lean on one or two strengths. For me, finding a combination of strong in-ring work and superstars with the styles and looks that are more representative of where the WWE is headed (as opposed to where it has been) was paramount. In Rollins, Styles and Reigns, the potential for classic matches is unavoidable. But the addition of unique wild cards like Nakamura and Balor, and the potential of how they will mix with established stars like Cena and Wyatt was too attractive to pass up. I may have sacrificed a ratings spike up front by choosing seasoned workers over comedic talkers, but its the unrivaled in-ring product that will give this show its identity as the names of the future continue to evolve.Rosenberg (Charlotte, The New Day, Ambrose, Owens, Lesnar, Enzo and Cass, Rusev, Orton, Bayley and Cesaro): Monday Night Rosenberg is the show of champions, and not just because we boast all three major champions. It is the show of champions because of the quality and diversity of talent that we have. We have the best mic work in the company (The New Day). We have the best in ring work in the company (Kevin Owens and Cesaro). We have veterans (Orton) and amazing women (Bayley and Charlotte). And we have the two best tag teams in the company. We have the perfect blend of NXT and WWE bred talent. And did I mention we have the biggest draw in the business in Brock Lesnar?Who would you have drafted next?Campbell: Alberto Del Rio. He returned to the WWE in impeccable shape and has looked better than ever as an underrated in-ring technician. He connects with the Hispanic fan base and knows how to get over as a nasty heel. All Del Rio needs is a push that is representative of his talent, with more attention to detail in his storylines.Rosenberg: There were several people I would have loved to have drafted. The names that kept jumping out to me, but I never pulled the trigger on, were Samoa Joe and Nikki Bella. The Joe pick would be obvious for any wrestling fan. He is arguably the best wrestler of the past decade who has not yet been on the main roster. There is so much to do with him. Nikki is a tantalizing pick because I am so curious about how she will mix in with the NXT girls and I think her and Charlotte have some potential gold. I have long maintained that she is the best physical matchup for the womens champion.Superstar you wanted mostCampbell: Shinsuke Nakamura. In recent years, there hasnt been another NXT superstar who Ive been more intrigued about to see just how well his unique mixture of talent and personality resonates on the main brand. No one else in the world has his exact charisma. But getting over to the exact level of your potential is never automatic. Considering Nakamuras style and skill set are so different from the typical WWE mold, watching him try will be interesting.Rosenberg: Seth Rollins was the very clear number one pick. He is the Macho Man of this roster. No hes not as great as Savage yet, but he can do it all! In-ring, the mic, heel, baby (well thats the one question), and he can work big or small. Hes a cornerstone piece. Unfortunately Brian Campbell knew that, too. Air Force 1 Sp Outlet . Having already announced that the race will start May 9 with three stages in Northern Ireland and Ireland and finish in Trieste on June 1, the rest of the route was unveiled Monday. Lunar Force 1 Italia . Wall made the comment in a speech to a Regina business crowd that included Lesnar. The U.S. wrestler and retired mixed martial artist says he was visiting his brothers farm in Saskatchewan and decided he wanted to hear what the premier had to say. . According to a report from the Vancouver Province, the Lions are expected to replace former DC Rich Stubler with defensive backs coach Mark Washington. Air Force 1 Alte Just Do It . Scott won the Australian PGA last week in his first event in Australia since winning the U.S. Masters in April. American Matt Kuchar, ahead by two strokes with four to play and even with Scott with one to go, double-bogeyed the 18th after taking two shots to get out of a bunker. Air Force 1 Italia . World champions Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov of Russia won the gold medal with 237.71 points, Moore-Towers and Moscovitch followed at 208.45 and Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov of Russia were third at 187. SUZUKA, Japan -- Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg capitalized on a slow start by teammate Lewis Hamilton to win the Japanese Grand Prix on Sunday and widen his lead in the Formula One drivers championship.Rosberg, who started from pole position, controlled the race throughout and finished 4.9 seconds ahead of Red Bull driver Max Verstappen, who held off Hamilton in close racing over the final few laps.The start went really well, Rosberg said. Everything went well, and then it was just controlling the pits and the gaps to Max in the race. It was a perfect weekend to win on this legendary track.With four races remaining Rosberg holds a 33-point lead over Hamilton.Its better that way than the other way round but its still Lewis thats my teammate, so I always need to reckon with him, Rosberg said.Hes going to be going for it in the last four races. Theres still a long way to go.The result clinched the constructors championship for Mercedes for the third year running.Hamilton, who started second, made another of the poor starts which has been among Mercedes few weak points this season, and dropped back to eighth on the opening lap.The defending world champion worked his way through the field well. Desperately needing as many points as possible in the championship race, Hamilton attempted a bold passing move on Verstappen on the penultimate lap.Exiting the Spoon curve just 0.5 seconds back, the Briton tried a move into the chicane but Verstappen blocked his path, and Hamilton was forced up an escape road. Hamilton complained over hhis team radio that the 19-year-old Dutchman had made his move too late under braking.ddddddddddddLewis was pushing really hard, Verstappen said. He is fighting for the world championship so you are not going to do anything crazy things of course.Hamilton said his poor start was down to wheel spin, rather than any preoccupation with the damp patch in front of his grid slot due to overnight rain.I was just working my way up from there -- it was tricky but I did the best I could, Hamilton said. Im happy with clawing it back and getting some points, its good.It was Rosbergs ninth victory of the season and 23rd in F1, moving the German driver into a tie for 12th place on the all-time list with Nelson Piquet. Rosberg started the previous two races at Suzuka from pole position only to be overtaken by Hamilton.Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel had an opportunity to pass Hamilton immediately after the second round of pitstops but couldnt do it and finished fourth ahead of teammate Kimi Raikkonen. Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull, who won the previous race in Malaysia, was sixth.The Force India pair Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg finished seventh and eighth, with the team eking out a 10-point gap over Williams whose drivers Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas finished ninth and 10th on a one-stop strategy.Every driver finished the race, only the seventh time in 952 world championship races that has happened. ' ' '
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