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Fred had a red rubber ball

Started by khokmain Sep 24th, 2021 at 16:48
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Sep 24th, 2021 at 16:48
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<p class="timed">Fred had a red rubber ball. He kicked the ball. It flew through the air. He <a href="">picked</a> it up. He threw it against a wall. The ball came back to Fred. He kicked it with his <a href="">foot</a> again. The ball flew over the wall. He picked it up again. He bounced it on the <a href="">street</a>. The ball bounced up and down. Then it stopped bouncing up and down. It didn't move. Fred's <a href="">dog</a> barked at the ball. Fred kicked the ball. His dog ran after the ball. <a href="">tetsabanwatsai</a></p>

<p class="timed">Bobby <a href="">woke</a> up because he heard a dog. He heard a dog barking outside his window. Bobby woke up when he heard the dog barking. <a href="">Bobby</a> got out of bed. He got out of bed and walked to the window. He looked out the window. He saw a big brown dog. It was barking very loud. Bobby opened his <a href="">window</a>. He looked at the barking dog. "Why are you barking so loud?" he asked the dog. The <a href="">dog</a> looked at Bobby. Then it stopped barking. <a href="">banhubprik</a></p>
<p class="timed">Nancy wants to live a long <a href="">time</a>. She wants to live for one hundred years. She is five years old now. She wants to live 95 more years. Then she will be 100. Her father is 30 <a href="">years</a> old. He wants to live a long <a href="">time</a>, too. He wants to live for one hundred years. He wants to live for 70 more years. "Daddy, we will grow old together, okay?" <a href="">Nancy</a> said to her father. "Yes, honey, we will grow old together," he said to Nancy. Then Nancy smiled. She gave her daddy a big hug. <a href="">prachapattanawit</a></p>
<p class="timed">Johnny <a href="">jumped</a> over the dog. The dog was lying on the ground. Johnny jumped <a href="">over</a> it. The dog saw Johnny jump over it. The dog got up. The dog got up and barked at Johnny. Johnny laughed. He laughed while the <a href="">dog</a> barked. Johnny ran over to the fence. The dog chased him to the fence. <a href="">Johnny</a> jumped over the fence. He turned around and looked at the dog. The dog stopped at the fence. The dog could not jump over the fence. Johnny said, "Jump, jump!" The dog barked, but did not jump. <a href="">bantungsala</a></p>

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<p class="timed">Mary ate a <a href="">blueberry</a>. She loved blueberries. Then she ate a blackberry. She loved blackberries. Then she ate a <a href="">strawberry</a>. She loved strawberries. Mary was confused. A blueberry is blue, so you call it a blueberry. A <a href="">blackberry</a> is black, so you call it a blackberry. A strawberry is red. So, why don't you call it a <a href="">redberry</a>? Mary asked her mom. Her mom didn't know. She asked her dad. Her dad didn't know. She asked her little brother. "Because a red berry is a cherry!" her brother said. <a href="">bansuanphueng</a></p>
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