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The ultimate technique in the game South

Started by w88thaiscom Apr 04th, 2020 at 07:46
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Apr 04th, 2020 at 07:46
In the game Tien Len South, when you have reached a certain level of play you will want to continue to explore up advanced skills and deeper. The higher the level, the more varied the playing skills and certain "different" levels, not for beginners. Accordingly, it can be said that taking static action is one of the best and wonderful techniques when playing Tien Len South. In this article, the online gaming portal Dragon Hall invites you to learn this special game poker online w88 !

How to get rid of static dynamic mode?
Ever when playing Tien Len South, you were in a situation that was most eager to prepare when the opponent suddenly stopped and stopped at the end of the game? Unlike the usual way of playing cards to the South, this game has a very evil and annoying style, which can cause the opponent to fall into the scene like heaven falling to hell.

It can be said that taking static action is an extremely annoying playing technique in the game Tien Len South keno w88

Using static mode is a common tactic used in the warrior and when applied in the game Tien Len South, it also retains the usage method: "Focus on observing and judging the opponent's cards afterwards. issue a decisive blow to absolute oppression. " Depending on the level and experience of the player, the effectiveness of this technique will have certain differences, the more mature and timely the game is, the more gamers will gain, making the opponent unable to silence. out post.

  The best of this technique is that it allows gamers to have weaker cards but can still reverse the situation spectacularly. For example, simple card A comes first with a 4, a double 10, a double Q and a pair of flanges and the B card has a 3, double 4, double 5, double 7, double 2 cards - muscle. We can see that card A has both the strength and strength because it is both the first and the bigger one, but if A plays doubles from 10, Q and 2 then B can use the Dynamic Static to dominate last minute on double 2. After that, B will play his tiny pairs and end with a 3 that B cannot resist.

Note when using static dynamic mode
Although possessing the ability to turn the situation around and cause the opponent to stand very badly, the ability to use Static Motion also has the limitations that you need to be aware of so you can customize the improvisation to use the most optimal. The first note is that when using this technique, you need to be calm and have good judgment. The simple reason is that the key to Static Motion is that you don't need to be impatient, you need to focus your mind to observe and judge in order to make the right decision at the crucial moments. Just hurry or make the wrong judgment, then most likely the end will be you w88 line .

Secondly, when playing cards Go Up South, if your card is not odd and weak then do not use the technique of Static Taking Dynamic. You choose the way you like, be it safe attack or lightning attack continuously to quickly finish first depending on the situation of your hand. If your card is too good and reluctant to apply this method, it will make the best chance of passing.

Third, note the style of the opponent to improvise to adjust the way of fighting. Because this style of play is very effective for players who play fast and lightning attacks, but gradually reduce the effectiveness with those who like to play Tien Len Southern style cautiously and firmly.
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