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The country is beautiful and fragrant

Started by SoltaKhadzhiyev Sep 20th, 2022 at 22:27
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Sep 20th, 2022 at 22:27

Seeing that there was no displeasure or sour emotion in her granddaughter's eyes, Mrs. Tai believed that her granddaughter was really an open-minded person, so she hugged her granddaughter tightly and explained the third thing in an almost inaudible voice: "All with the late emperors and the Qin Dynasty.". Wang Fu Gossip about the prince's mansion, the throne and the crown prince of Wu'an County, no matter big or small, if someone tells you something, you can't listen to it if you can. You really can't hide from it. Just listen to it. Don't interrupt. Misfortune comes from the mouth. Don't make trouble for yourself or the prince. Song Jianing was startled. She didn't know who these people were in her previous life, but she heard about them in this life. The king of Qin is the emperor's own brother, Wu'an county king is the emperor's own nephew, is also the eldest son of the late emperor, too lady so told her, is it possible that these two people are involved with the throne? Suspicious together, Song Jianing, who never cared about the court, finally realized a strange thing. Since the late emperor had a son, why did the throne not fall on the head of Wu'an County King after the death of the late emperor, but passed on to his younger brother Xuande Emperor? Her face changed slightly, and Mrs. Tai watched in silence. When her granddaughter came to her senses, she whispered, "We have nothing to do with the affairs of the heavenly family. Grandmother will be relieved to do a good job as Princess Shou." Song Jianing understood and said with a dignified look,plastic pallet crates, "I have remembered everything. I will never make trouble for Wang Ye, nor will I let my grandmother worry." Mrs. Tai breathed a long sigh of relief. This granddaughter was the most sensible and obedient. After being reminded by her, she would certainly be cautious step by step. ~ Just as Mrs. Tai and Song Jianing were talking to each other, Huang Zhensheng, the eldest son of Lord Huang, the assistant minister of the Ministry of Works, returned to the mansion. He changed his regular clothes in the front yard and went to the backyard to look for his wife. When he entered the house,plastic pallet containers, he saw Yunfang leaning lazily on the warm couch, with a rope in her hand and staring out of the window in a daze. What are you thinking? Huang Zhensheng sat beside him, smiled and grabbed the rope from his wife's hand, and then held it. Tender little hands 。 He had just come back from the outside, and his hand was very cold. Yunfang withdrew her hand in disgust and handed him the hand stove she was holding: "Use this." Huang Zhensheng smiled and warmed his hands. He looked at his wife and chatted about daily life: "What are you going to send tomorrow when the fourth sister adds makeup?" Yunfang is worried about this. Before Song Erye's husband and wife went to the capital, she thought Song Jianing's princess was going to be ruined. Unexpectedly, Song Jianing's life was too good, and he survived the robbery smoothly. Seeing that the Guo family had invited guests tomorrow, Song Jianing would marry to the palace the day after. After seeing her again, she would become a princess. Yunfang was full of acid water. "Fourth sister, you call me affectionate." Yunfang glared at her husband with a sullen face. "Do you want to curry favor with her when she's going to be a princess?" Huang Zhensheng was pinching his wife's hand, but when he heard this, the smile on his face disappeared, and his hand slowly loosened his wife's hand. He was not angry, secondary containment pallet ,plastic bulk containers, but looked at his wife inquiringly. Then he frowned and asked, "Are you at odds with her?" His wife's words just now were not pleasant to hear, but if the four girls had offended his wife first, Huang Zhensheng would be able to understand his wife's strange temper. After all, he had long known that his wife was arrogant and lovable. Is there a disagreement? Yunfang thought of a lot of things. As soon as Song Jianing entered the Guogong Mansion, she replaced her as the youngest girl in the Guo family. Her grandmother gradually loved her the most, her cousins spoiled her, and even her own brother Shang Ge'er liked to run to the big house. These Yunfang can endure, but at the thought of Song Jianing, a widow who brought the common people better than she married, Yunfang was in a panic. Never mind, never mind. Yunfang got into her husband's arms and said in a muffled voice, "I don't like her anyway. Don't call her fourth sister." Huang Zhensheng smiled helplessly and touched the top of his wife's head. "Good," he said, "but she's going to marry King Shou after all. Don't show it when the sisters meet in the future." He didn't want to curry favor with King Shou, but he didn't want his wife to offend him in vain. The feud of the youngest daughter's family had better not be related to big things. Yunfang gave an irritable hum. The next day, Huang Zhensheng went to the Ministry of Works as a servant. Yunfang deliberately dilly-dally. It was almost noon before she went to Guogongfu with her mother-in-law. Before she got married, Song Jianing gave her an embroidered handkerchief made by herself, and Yunfang also gave Song Jianing a handkerchief embroidered with Mandarin ducks playing in the water, but it was not embroidered by her, but by the servant girl beside her. Song Jianing received her cousin's gift, because there were too many gifts, she did not look carefully. After the banquet was over, Shuang'er and Liu'er helped her pack up the gifts. With sharp eyes, Shuang'er walked up to Song Jianing with this veil and hummed in a low voice, "Look, girl, this is clearly not the needle and thread of the third girl. I know her stitches. They are much worse than this." Song Jianing took the veil and saw that the stitches on it were fine and the embroidered Mandarin ducks were vivid and delicate, but. Their own sisters, Tingfang sister, Lanfang sister sent over the makeup gift, are embroidered by themselves. In fact, Song Jianing had long felt Yunfang's alienation from her, but did not expect that Yunfang would not like her to such an extent. Facing the veil in a daze, Song Jianing sighed lightly and said to Shuang'er, "Put it away." Yunfang doesn't like her, and she can't force her to meet her in the future. Just don't be silly and go to her. Just after tidying up a room full of gifts, Lin Shi came, alone. Mother. Song Jianing called sweetly. Lin smiled at her daughter, and Shuang'er and the others guessed that they had something to say and retreated. Is everything packed? Lin took her daughter's hand and sat down on the edge of the bed and asked softly. Song Jianing nodded. Lin Shi looked at her daughter's more and more charming and charming face, just like a flower bud was about to bloom. She suddenly sighed with infinite emotion in her heart: "How to be a princess? Yesterday your grandmother told Ann, and Niang would not repeat it. What Niang is going to teach you now is the first big event that Ann married." Song Jianing blinked curiously. Lin looked at her daughter and took out a pamphlet from her sleeve. Song Jianing had never seen such a thing before. She mistook it for an account book or something like that. Until her mother slowly opened it and saw the men and women hugging each other, Song Jianing blushed, turned his back shyly and covered his face with his hands. Really, why did the mother ask her to watch this? Lin Shi turned to her daughter and looked at her shy appearance. She tried her best to be serious and said,collapsible pallet bin, "What shame? Girls have to learn before they get married. Wang Ye confiscated those two teaching ladies. You won't.." Song Jianing understood that her mother let her learn this in order to better serve King Shou. After coyly hiding for a long time, Song Jianing raised his head with a red face, ready to learn well. Because she really doesn't know how to take the initiative. Waiting for a man 。

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