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Started by Rhoads Oct 10th, 2022 at 20:53
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Oct 10th, 2022 at 20:53

Especially Gu Ming is not the kind of person who can be handled casually now. Xue Lao's big backer is not counted. Qin Sheng has to worry about it. The relationship between Qin Sheng and his family is a little complicated. Qin Tian doesn't seem to like Gu Ming very much, but it's not the turn of outsiders to do something. Qingya, you are my best friend. "Song Yao can hardly believe her ears. Qiao Qingya has always been very supportive of her." It's because I'm your best friend that I don't let you do those stupid things. You're in a dead end now. You'll know when you wake up. Haven't you been taught a lesson by the fact that you were made to go abroad to avoid the limelight? It's the most stupid way to hit a stone with an egg. Qiao Qingya painstakingly said. Do I just let it go? I was forced to go abroad in a mess, and Gu Ming became more and more beautiful day by day. Song Yao is not reconciled to the way. Anyway, this kind of thing can't be done by ourselves. Don't forget the weight of the Qin family. Gu Ming is also Qin Sheng's girlfriend. If you hit Gu Ming in the face, it will also hit Qin Sheng and the Qin family in the face. When the time comes, you will be found out. If you don't think about yourself, you have to think about your family. The Qin family is also very important in the antique world. Qiao Qingya reminded again. Song Yao because of Qiao Qingya's words was poured a head of cold water, so that the brain has begun to faint is finally a little sober. She did not forget that her cousin had been injured by Gu Ming and was finally unable to run the shop. Although she had no evidence, she knew that it was Qin Sheng's ghost. To know that her cousin's father also has a friendship with Qin Sheng's father, the result was finally made like that, if it were her. Although their family is not rich and noble, but also do not worry about food and clothing, a little status, otherwise she would not be able to become good friends with Miss Qiao Qingya. Have you come to your senses? Qiao Qingya saw that there was no sound on Song Yao's side, and asked uneasily. I'm sorry, I was thinking left. Song Yao soon calmed down. When Qiao Qingya heard this,Pallet rack beams, she couldn't help breathing a sigh of relief: "It's good that you want to understand. I can help you with everything else. But what you just said is really not good. Once that kind of thing is done, the whole nature will change. It's okay that no one else has found it. Once it's found, there's no way to estimate the consequences." "Don't worry, I understand." Song Yao paused for a moment and then went on to say, "But I always feel that things are not quite right. That's good. Isn't the consultation meeting held once every few years going to start? I think it's better to take this opportunity to make a good investigation.". Several of my former friends have received invitations, and when the time comes.. At this time, Gu Ming did not know that she was firmly nailed,Narrow aisle rack, since she refused Mrs. Zhang to buy the jade bracelet on her left hand, she really waited for many days, but the result was that everything was normal, and nothing unexpected happened. She beat around the Bush to inquire about the second aunt and Mrs. Zhang, as if Mrs. Zhang had not taken the matter of the jade bracelet too seriously, and now it was no different from usual. After knowing this, Gu Ming could not help but laugh at himself, feeling that he was so sensitive that he was afraid of everything, and because the consultation meeting was about to begin, Gu Ming did not take this matter to heart, and after making sure that there was no big problem, he put it aside. In fact, heavy duty warehouse rack ,Industrial pallet rack, the consultation meeting is also equivalent to a treasure fighting meeting, the people who come to attend are saving enough energy to choose good things, if they can use their own things to baffle others, that is the best. Xue Lao, as one of the organizers, naturally could not avoid vulgarity. After confirming that the consultation would be held in the city, he went back to his old house in person and took out the old things he had pressed at the bottom of the box. Chapter 592 Time flashed by, and soon it was the day when the consultation meeting began. Gu Ming and Liu Hui had done a lot of preparatory work under the instructions of Xue Lao. At the same time, they also knew many people who came to help with other masters. It can be said that they had gained a lot. Previously, Liu Hui was very worried that Ding Lao would be addicted to the things he bought from Fan Zhong and could not come to the consultation meeting on time. As a result, before he called to urge him, Ding Lao came from Zhushi, accompanied by Fan Zhong and Xiao Ran. It can be seen that Fan Zhong and Ding Lao after this period of time together, the two people are familiar with each other a lot, walking together talking and laughing, quite a bit of the feeling of meeting too late. See this situation, Gu Ming some unkind thinking according to Ding Lao this kind of enthusiasm, do not know whether Liu Hui will be out of favor because of the arrival of Fan Zhong. Of course, she also knows that this idea is somewhat unrealistic, Fan Zhong is good, Liu Hui is also very good, according to the recent view of intimacy, Liu Hui's advantage is absolutely great. How are you getting ready? Qin Sheng walked to Gu Ming's side and put a cup of steaming jujube tea in front of Gu Ming. Gu Ming looked up at Qin Sheng and rubbed his temples. "Basically, I'm ready. I'm just afraid of any omissions.". By the way, will you go tomorrow? "Do you want me to go?" Qin Sheng smiled. If I don't want you to go, why am I talking to you about this? Gu Ming gave Qin Sheng a white look, put down the document in his hand, rubbed on the sofa where Qin Sheng was sitting, next to Qin Sheng, "I tell you, in addition to the people who received the invitation can go in, other people want to go in, it is not easy, but I specially let the teacher open the back door for you." Qin Sheng nodded rather seriously and looked at Gu Ming and said, "So if I don't go, I won't know what's good for me?" "What do you say?" Gu Ming's tone rose slightly, looking at Qin Sheng's eyes with a somewhat threatening meaning. Seeing this, Qin Sheng hurriedly raised his hands and said with a smile, "You went through the back door on purpose. If I don't go tomorrow,pipe cantilever rack, wouldn't it be too heartless?"? You can rest assured that I have arranged all the things in my hands, and I will attend on time tomorrow. "You are sensible." Gu Ming raised his chin, apparently satisfied with Qin Sheng's reaction.

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