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Started by Harris Oct 10th, 2022 at 20:59
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Oct 10th, 2022 at 20:59

Unfortunately, this magical blood can not be picked up into the package, so that Shi Haoyu felt extremely helpless, unless he has been holding the bailer, to be able to store this powerful treasure. With the supplement of divine power, the bow God is more assured. He raises his long bow and constantly inspects the shadows overhead. Once he finds a suspicious target, he launches an attack in an instant. Another ten minutes later, Shi Haoyu knew that he was sure to win today, and then he would see what strange things would happen. Whoosh! The sharp sound of breaking the air sounded again, the bow God seemed to find something, immediately launched an attack, once he locked the prey, as long as the arrow can be launched, even if the other side how to avoid, the long arrow can penetrate the scapegoat in front, accurately hit the designated guy. In this attack, the bow God has obviously found a new correct target. And this target is already the 98 evil spirit puppets he killed! "The devil has only two doppelgangers left. Kill the last one and it will have to appear!" Bow God launched an attack at the same time, the mouth said excitedly. Chapter 307 Intermediate Tower. Ah! The blue arrow flew into the sky continuously, hitting the dark shadow evil spirit locked by the bow God. In the tragic cry, the black figure's blood volume returned to zero, and it fell to the ground with a bang, with white bones flying all over the ground. As the white skeleton lay there,magnetic separator machine, a red light flew into the air. Swoosh! The dark shadows suddenly stood still, then turned into countless black smoke, which quickly converged in the air and gathered towards the body of the only remaining black evil spirit. The red light suddenly appeared, and the whole body of the shadow emitted a red demon light, suddenly turning into the image of the Blood Pool Demon Zun not long ago. Old devil, you failed again. The bow God raised the long bow to lock the red figure in the air and said with a smile. Damn! Had it not been for this abominable monster, how could I have been defeated by you! Blood Pool Demon Zun roared angrily in midair. Demons act against heaven and kill all souls in the world. Your rules of conduct are doomed to fail. The bow God looked coldly into the sky and said in a loud voice. Cut the crap, today's defeat does not mean a complete failure of the Demon Clan,manganese beneficiation plant, you can kill the original, but there will always be someone to help the original to seek your revenge! Blood Pool Demon Zun roared. With your present strength, I want to kill you only one arrow, you or simply point out the plan of the demon spirit, I promise to spare you from death. Said the bow God. Nangong old man, you can't know anything from me. Although my ghost cave was destroyed by you, you will never think that Nangong City will still be the territory of our demons sooner or later! Blood Pool Demon Zun Jie said with a strange smile. My Lord, there's no need to ask. This guy is determined not to say any more. Let's kill him. Shi Haoyu looked at the BOSS in the sky and saw that it had not lost much blood on the top of its head, but it looked like the light had dissipated, and the red robe had become wrinkled, and it seemed that there was no threat. This guy's strength, has been weakened to this point, but do not know how weak? "Old devil, since you don't cherish the opportunity, I can only let you die." The bow God raised his long bow with a sneer, and in the flickering blue light, sodium cyanide price ,gold CIP machine, a long blue arrow appeared on the bowstring, emitting brilliant light. "We are ghosts, even if we die, ha ha ha." Blood Pool Demon Zun laughed wildly in the air, seemingly without any evasive action, waiting for death to come. My Lord, wait, can I kill it? Shi Haoyu suddenly said. Yes, it has completely lost its power now. It shouldn't be difficult for you to deal with it. The bow God nodded, the blue light on the long bow was dim, and the long arrow disappeared. According to Shi Haoyu's request, he handed over the opportunity to kill the devil to the other side. Can I really do it? Shi Haoyu originally just wanted to try, such a big BOSS, if NPC killed it would be a pity, but let him attack, afraid it is a long attack process. "You try, although your strength is very poor, but this old guy has run out of oil, should not last long." The bow God nodded. All right Shi Haoyu excitedly took a few steps forward and raised his left arm to lock the red figure floating quietly in the air. "Nangong old man, you let yourself die in the hands of such a weak guy!" Blood Pool Demon Zun roared angrily. Don't look down upon him. If it weren't for him, I would have died at your hands. If it weren't for him, your magic dragon plan under the desolate city would not have been exposed. And if it hadn't been for him, you would not have let me know about another magic cave set up in the soul-hunting wasteland. The bow God said lightly. Damn monster, I didn't expect all this to be because of you! Blood Pool Demon Zun roared angrily. It's too late for you to know now. Go to hell. Shi Haoyu said coldly, his arm lifted, and the blue light suddenly appeared. Whoa, whoa, whoa! A face of several blue short arrows flew into the air, continuously hit the throat of the blood pool demon, only to see that it really did not make any evasion, as if fixed there can not move in general, let a string of blue light into its throat, the top of the head also suddenly burst out a long string of golden damage numbers.. What surprised Shi Haoyu even more was that it was only a skill attack with a string of arrows, and the devil's full blood volume fell by about half! "Go ahead and fight, this guy's power has just been cleared by me 99% 25, now it is just a shadow, without a long period of recovery, it can not pose a threat to anyone." The bow God smiled and explained Shi Haoyu's question. I see! "I see." Shi Haoyu nodded excitedly, raised the short crossbow again, and launched his most powerful refined skills. Ah! A dazzling blue halo straight into the dark cave in the air, the evil red figure shot through the chest, as the shrill voice sounded, a red light exploded, blood pool Demon Zun suddenly exploded into countless pieces of cloth, floating in the air sprinkled on the ground! Ding, ding, ding! In a flash, several blue and purple halo flashing props fell from the sky, and Shi Haoyu was stunned. My God,coltan ore processing, for the opportunity to kill the big BOSS, but never thought, the system should be so stingy.

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