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The Soul of Jian Dan Qin

Started by BiancaSantos Oct 10th, 2022 at 23:46
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Oct 10th, 2022 at 23:46

He gave a sad laugh and said to himself, "Sure enough, it was a 13-year-old girl who hurt my life.." The words of Monk Fu Tuo, the Jade Arhat. It all came true. Li Ying stared at his fingernails in horror, and suddenly realized that the long nail, which was originally as warm as jade, had turned gray in a twinkling of an eye. She collected herself, recovered all her strength, stood on the ground, rolled away, and then got up, without looking back, and went out of the small hole in the huge rock on the side of the cave. Mouth. Mouth. Li Qiong first found it on the opposite cliff and cried out with joy. When Li Ying went outside, she suddenly felt her legs were weak, so she had to stick to the stone wall and dared not move. Shi Xueying hurriedly came around, jumped onto the narrow path, and performed excellent flying skills. She flew to Li Ying's side and picked her up with one hand. She repeatedly said, "Sister Ying, don't panic. You're out of danger. When your sister carries you to the flat ground, you can go home together.." When the mouth is comforting, the person has moved smoothly and rapidly along the narrow path. After a while, she arrived at Li Qiong's side and put Li Ying in her arms with a smile. Li Qiong, with tears in her eyes, hugged her sister tightly and could not say a word. After a while, Tao Cheng first asked Li Ying about her escape. "As soon as I woke up," said Li Ying,Manual Flush Valve, "I saw the blind old man poking two long armor holes in Brother Wang's head and abdomen. Brother Wang had fallen to the ground on his back and was probably dead! While the old man was gasping for breath, I felt the silver knife and poked it at the Jiquan point under his armpit. That old man is so powerful that he can hold my knife. I quickly got out of the way and came out of the hole. I don't know if the old man was dead or not. When they heard this, they looked at each other and kept silent for a while. "It's all my fault," said Tao Cheng. "I brought you here and caused so many accidents. Although we had a near miss and everyone turned out to be safe and sound, it was a false alarm. And that Wang Kun died in the cave, this person's action is mysterious, attitude is ambiguous, sometimes friends and sometimes enemies, straight can not figure out his mind as a person! Go home and I'll make amends to everyone. After hearing the news of Wang Kun's death, Li Qiong somehow felt very uncomfortable,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, but she was gentle and thoughtful. At this time, she managed to suppress her mood and said softly, "Brother Tao, you can't expect it. Besides, later everyone agreed to explore the secret of the sound of the piano.." Shi Xueying also said, "As chivalrous people, we will have a chance to walk in Jianghu in the future. I don't know how many hardships and dangers we will have to go through. Maybe we will even lose our lives.". Don't worry about what happened today! Lu Yun said, "Are we going to run away, or are we going to try to explore the cave?"? Do we need to know what's going on inside? Li Qiong first expressed her opposition. As far as she was concerned, there were two points of selfishness. First, her sister's silver knife has been lost, now can not break the waterfall and people, then it is likely to talk about the results, but also to Li Ying from the small hole to see. Second, she felt that this natural water curtain cave house, magnificent scenery, Wang Kun buried in the cave house, very stable and suitable, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, so she did not want anyone to enter the cave to disturb. Tao Cheng was in favor of trying to explore the human cave, but was finally opposed by Shi Xueying and Zhao yuanqiu, so the proposal of the human cave was abandoned. The group of six went back to Taojia Village on Mount Emei. However, they have a resolution, that is, after the Mid-Autumn Festival, they must go to Baishuibao, because Wang Kun has been killed, Baishuibao Tiangang hand Yang Xun may think that the Tao family killed the emissary, this matter must be clarified. Mouth. Mouth In the cave house behind the Xianqin Waterfall, Wang Kun lies on his back. When he felt extremely cold and hot, he heard Di Mengsong's miserable hum in his ears. He kept in mind that there would be a magic vision, so he ignored it. Before long, he had entered a most wonderful state, without thought, without pain, only a kind of peaceful, calm and interesting happiness. After sunset, the moon rises, and then the sun rises again. The waterfall plunges day and night, stirring up a thundering sound of water. Although the sound of the waterfall was deafening, over time, it did not feel noisy. Wang Kun suddenly opened his eyes, but felt very comfortable. His eyes first saw the dazzling stalactites on the top of the cave, and he immediately remembered where he was. Then he got up, glanced around, and suddenly froze. Di Mengsong fell to the ground, holding a silvery curved knife in his left elbow, and his whole body was stiff. A closer look showed that the skin on his face and limbs had changed color and was extremely loose. When Wang Kun saw that there was no trace of Li Ying, he knew that she must have killed Di Mengsong with a knife, and then fled in a hurry, even the knife was too late to pull back. He seemed to remember Li Ying screaming, and then all the sounds disappeared, and after a while, the old ape's whine came back to his ears from time to time. This is what he heard when he had not entered the realm of selflessness, and after that he had no idea that anything had happened. He walked in a circle in the cave and thought, "Why didn't I find the magic vision?"? But the elder Di is very strict. Hey, I really don't want to think so, but that's what Elder Di must mean. He knew that when I was cast by him, the people outside the cave might be in the cave. He first told me that there would be a magic illusion, which made me mistakenly think that it was not true when he shot him, so I ignored it.. Di Mengsong, the hero of that generation, died on the ground. With a sigh, Wang Kun first pulled out the silver knife he was holding in his elbow, then picked up his body and walked out of the hole. The whirlwind from the waterfall carried heavy water vapor, which made his clothes wet in a moment. Wang Kun didn't care. He concentrated on his luck and rushed into the waterfall. The body leaves the ground, suddenly can feel oneself this vertical strength, and the past is very different. The mind is moving, and people are already in the waterfall. The force of the Baizhang waterfall was so heavy and violent, but Wang Kun only felt that his castration was slightly stagnant, and he was not as breathless as when he was in the cave. At that time, he used Shaolin knife skills to try his best to dissolve the momentum of the waterfall, and fortunately he passed through the waterfall. In the twinkling of an eye, he was able to get out of the waterfall, and the castration was even more stagnant. Naturally, he split out with a knife, and his body went away with the knife,Time Delay Tap, turning into a silver rainbow and breaking through the waterfall. At this time, it was still five feet away from the cliff. Holding the breath of True Qi, he effortlessly floated down to the sharp rock on the opposite side of the jutting cliff. Tiptoe a little and fly up the cliff with indescribable speed.

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