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Empress, I want to sleep.

Started by BiancaSantos Oct 10th, 2022 at 23:48
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Oct 10th, 2022 at 23:48

Gu Shuangxian thought, "It's okay to run away. He can't stay in the snow country. His connections in the Wild Goose Dynasty have been uprooted. He can't make any more waves." He looked left and right and asked, "Where is Don?" "He's in a cult," said Gong. "He's trying to straighten out the educational administration." He explained a lot of things in just one sentence. Gu Shuangxian knew that most of the spies buried in the Dayan Dynasty were cults, and Tang was invited by the Prince of Zhao to assist the emperor, so he must have wanted to sow discord between the snow country and the cult. Tang's intervention must be a complete end to the cooperation between the cult and the snow country. Gong forgot to wave, and the two men behind him also threw down two spheres and rolled to the head of the queen of the snow country. "This is the head of the king of the Snow Kingdom and his most powerful prince," said Gong. "Let's have a look." The five miserably dead heads, like five dark holes of blood, were poured into the center of the tent, and everyone in the tent not only did not feel fear, but showed ease and pleasure. Xia Lingshu loosened the curtain, and the hatred in her eyes gradually faded away. It's over. It's useless to think too much. National hatred and family hatred, in the final analysis, is just a life-and-death struggle, and the winner is the king. Most of the royal family of the Snow Kingdom was assassinated, and the internal affairs were shattered, and the remaining princes were not to be feared. The soldiers of the Wild Goose Dynasty were overwhelming, and the king was at the gates, forcing the Snow Kingdom to surrender without any suspense,plastic pallet manufacturer, and the oldest prince submitted to the imperial seal and crown. Xia Lingshu read the small book in her hand countless times and could only sigh. Gu Shuangxian happened to finish reading the memorial sent by the fast horse. He personally broke the medicine bowl and sent it to her: "Do you miss the sky?" "Well, I don't know if he knows his mother after a long separation." Gu Shuangxian said with a smile, "He talks about it every day. How can he forget it?". Besides, he's in your sister's care now, and he can't forget you. Xia Lingshu already knew Gu Shuangxian's arrangement and would not raise any objection to it. The empress's mother's family was the cornerstone of the crown prince's throne. The longer Gu Qintian stayed in the Xia family, the more control he had over the family. Complementing each other was only good. Xia Lingshu drank the medicine, put the thin book into her lapel,plastic bulk containers, stroked it again and again, and whispered, "I'm homesick." Gu Shuangxian walked out of the figure stopped, hum, around the screen, own small divinatory symbols to replace the new medicine bowl, and open the brocade box, this time, is Gu Shuangxian himself must eat medicine. Wait until swallow, the spirit is better, this just reenters inside: "I still want to go to Xu country, do you follow?" Xia Lingshu said, "It's too dangerous to go deep into other countries easily.". Besides, if you leave the court for too long, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet supplier, it's easy to change. "It doesn't matter," said Gu Shuangxian with a smile. "We'll go there in the name of the Eight Princes, and you'll be the princess. I have already arranged for the court, and there will be no problem. Xia Lingshu glanced at him and said, "I don't even know when your eighth brother has a wife. How can an outsider know if he is a fake?" Gu Shuangxian touched his lower jaw and pretended to meditate: "Then you are the lady of the village I robbed. How about that?" Xia Lingshu spat at him: "You want to be beautiful." Both of them were stunned by the rare charm. Gu Shuangxian sighed deeply, walked back to the collapse edge, got into the bedding and hugged her to lie down, rubbing her sideburns: "You really came back to me." Xia Lingshu lowered her eyes: "Who do you think is the person who is with you these two days?" "I'm afraid it's just another dream," said Gu Shuangxian. Then he turned over on top of her head and found her lips and kissed her mercilessly. Twisting her tongue, knocking her silver teeth, sucking her breath, this man is his, her heart is his, no one can take it away. Xia Lingshu in the kiss felt each other's fear and fear, unable to persuade, can only respond to him a little bit, steal a moment of warmth can also be satisfied. Xia Lingshu knew that she had a special status, so she didn't go out of the tent easily. Fortunately, the king of the Tang Dynasty charged into battle outside. Gu Shuangxian gave advice in the rear and accompanied her every day. They got along intimately for a few days. When the Snow Kingdom surrendered and sent out the most important prince, the army of the Wild Goose Dynasty withdrew and returned to the border. Gu Shuangxian was busy on a diplomatic mission to the State of Xu in the name of the Eight Princes. He spent a lot of time in the frontier. By the beginning of November, a group of people were finally marching from northwest to southwest. Before his departure, King Tang came to drink with his sixth brother and sister-in-law. It was the only time in his life that he had a good talk with Xia Lingshu, and it was also the most memorable time in his life. Xia Lingshu's calmness and Gu Shuangxian's warmth all made him feel empty. Before his departure, King Ding Tang gave Xia Lingshu a black iron and gold sword, saying only, "It's for self-defense." Xia Lingshu drew out the knife. The black iron was sharp, and the scabbard was as golden as the shining sun, just like the common people's evaluation of the King of Dingtang: "The sun is shining, for the country and the family.". King Tang's life was given to Dayan Dynasty, and his personal belongings, only this one, have been left in Xia Lingshu's side. Gu Shuangxian patted his brother heavily on the shoulder and said nothing. Because of Gu Shuangxian's willful action, Gong had to cancel his plan to go home and accompany him. Tang is a casual temperament, and only his wife can command him in this world. Before going out, Mrs. Tang explained that she had to roll back immediately after the matter was over, so Tang cleaned up the cult rebellion and rolled back directly with her son Tang Jin. Tang Jin liked to fight, and when he saw that the king of Tang was going back to the court, he was afraid that the next general who came here would have a bad temper, so he went back to Jinliang City with his father. Xu country is close to the southwest. Compared with the snow country, Xu country is a country with mountains and forests and four distinct seasons. Gu Shuangxian had already ordered people to issue credentials, so as soon as they stepped into the border, the five princes of Xu had been waiting for a long time. Xu Chengen turned into Gu Shuangxian's personal bodyguard and followed him without saying a word all day long. Half of his dead soldiers merged into the accompanying guards and half followed him secretly. Xia Lingshu thought Xu Chengen was interesting and asked him one day, "Does Princess Jiashun study and make progress?" "Very eager to learn," said Xu Chengen. Xia Lingshu asked again, "Is Princess An still naughty?" Xu Chengen thought for a moment and said,stackable plastic pallets, "The woman jumped off a little. She is in good health." Xia Lingshu said to Gu Shuangxian with a smile, "This child is a few years older than Princess Ann. He has a model of being a brother." "If I become the king of the Kingdom of Xu, can I ask the emperor for a marriage?" Said Xu Chengen. 。

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