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Here are some of the most notable

Started by warrenramirez May 22nd, 2023 at 04:18
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May 22nd, 2023 at 04:18

“Soon, you’ll be able to make bets in (most) NFL stadiums,” Miller added. “That being said, the players are well aware of the rules. They have seminars and stuff up in the locker room to educate them.”

The trade of quarterback Aaron Rodgers from Green Bay to New York puts one of the greatest players in NFL history in a Jets uniform.

Despite a 54-year Super Bowl drought and the league’s longest active streak without a playoff appearance (12 seasons), the Jets have acquired several Hall of Fame players over the years. Some had big impacts, while others simply made a pitstop in New York on their way to Canton.

Here are some of the most notable players who joined the Jets late in their careers and ended up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame — mostly for their accomplishments elsewhere:

QB BRETT FAVRE: After 17 NFL seasons, including 16 in Green Bay, the three-time MVP and one-time Super Bowl champion was traded to New York during training camp in 2008 for a conditional fourth-round draft pick. He got the Jets off to an 8-3 start before a shoulder injury affected his performance and New York missed the playoffs. Favre retired after his stint with the Jets before returning to play two more years with Minnesota.

Jets stats: 3,472 yards passing, 22 TDs, 22 INTs in 16 games. Pro Football Hall of Fame: 2016.,60652009.html


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