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The nationwide investigation

Started by warrenramirez May 23rd, 2023 at 05:57
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May 23rd, 2023 at 05:57

Spanish police have arrested 14 people and seized guns, satellite trackers and several police uniforms after breaking up two gangs whose members used homemade explosives to blow up cash machines and who dressed as police officers to carry out violent and meticulously planned robberies across the country.

The nationwide investigation began in autumn last year after the same gang used explosives to rob three banks in Málaga and Valencia. Investigators traced members of the gang to Madrid and Málaga and discovered that the group had its own bomb-maker who built the explosives by filling metal capsules with gunpowder from fireworks.

“Officers then discovered another criminal group – based in Madrid – whose members also robbed cash machines using explosives,” the Guardia Civil said in a statement. “The suspects, who used a similar modus operandi and the same provider of homemade explosives, carried out seven attacks on cash machines in Barcelona, Madrid, Alcalá de Henares and Madrid in 2022, making off with almost €550,000 (£479,000).”


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